SERGEANT(R) makes The World's Toughest Outdoor Gear (TM) for Camping, Fishing, Hunting and Hiking In 2007 Sergeant® was launched with a very clear mission: To build The World's Toughest Outdoor Gear ™ . Gear that our customers can always rely on. To achieve that goal, we at Sergeant® are dedicated to using the strongest materials and the newest manufacturing techniques combined with traditional hand craftsmanship to ultimately produce the most durable and rugged products in the industry. Designed and engineered to be both sturdy and functional, our heavy duty products appeal to ones basic appreciation for strength, power and precision. In essence, Sergeant® products are always get the job done. To ensure we achieve that goal, our products are tested using the 810F MIL-SPEC testing standards. Developed by the US Army's Developmental Test Command, these standards provide guidelines for testing products under extreme environmental conditions such as Salt Fog Testing to measure corrosion resistance and Shock Testing to measure strength. So, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, sportsman, adventurer or serviceman, you can be confident that every product stamped with the Sergeant® Trademark truly is top notch...and ready for action. That's our committment to you.
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